Together for a circular economy


We want to contribute to minimising waste, eliminating pollutants and maximising the reutilisation of resources. The reduction of waste pollution in low and middle-income countries is a priority for us. We therefore strive to develop functioning waste management and circular economy approaches. 


Together we work for the prevention, collection, and recycling of waste, as well as the increased uptake of secondary resources. The focus is on plastic waste from packaging and single-use products and on electrical and electronic equipment.

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Development of guidelines

We develop guidelines on which our activities and projects are based: to proceed jointly in a way which is specifically targeted, checkable and efficient.

Implementing activities

We implement the solutions developed for a functioning closed-loop waste management system in specific projects with partners in emerging and developing countries. We work together in partnership with local players.

Participant networking

We network participants along the added-value chain and bring different perspectives together. We work out innovative solutions together in working parties.

Making Information & Know-how available

We provide information on current trends and financing options for projects and share our know-how. In this way we promote the international exchange of knowledge and technology.



Official launching event

Minister Müller of the Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) has officially launched the PREVENT Waste Alliance together with the Indonesian Ambassador and over 30 organizations in Berlin on May 9th 2019. The Alliance is part of the Action Program on Circular Economy of the German Development Cooperation.

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09. May 2019

26. November 2018

Second Dialogue Forum

Waste Alliance for Closed Loop Waste Management in Developing and Emerging Countries

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First Dialogue Forum

“Beat Pollution – closed-loop management instead of environmental pollution”

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05. June 2018


Members & Partners

Actors from the private sector, academia, civil society and public institutions work together to find sustainable solutions for waste management and a circular economy. Find an overview of all current members here.

Together for a circular economy

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